Thursday, March 29, 2007

Monday, March 26, 2007

Internet at HOME!!

WOHOO! I'm now connected at home (come on Reese, you and Lindsey can't be left out now ;)).

Anyway, I should be heading to bed. This little state lawyer has a preliminary hearing tomorrow afternoon. Okay, I'll confess to you that is not as "important" as it sounds. It's just scheduling conference call that lasts about 20 minutes. But, it is the first step in the first case that I will handle as lead counsel. Luckily, I'll have help both from another attorney in my office and an old friend that I worked with at the Municipal League, who is representing another party on our side. So, I shouldn't be able to screw up, even if I tried. ;o)

Yep, should be headed to bed, but I'm wired and playing on the internet. Probably too much caffiene while trying to get everything set up. So, I better go read something terribly boring and get some zzzz's.







Happy, Happy Birthday to Mary

I wasn't sure where to send your E-card to ensure that you got it today, so I sent it to myself and here's the link....


Someone wanted to share their heart and God'slove with you today with a DaySpring E-card.

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Now, I hope everyone enjoys Mary's birthday card. ;o)


Happy Birthday Mary!!!!!

Happy Birthday to Mary. I hope you have a great day. All of us love you and are looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Love, Grammy

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hey Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

I've missed everyone so much! It's hard for me to check the blog because of my crazy schedule now-a-days, but maybe you can all help me talk Reece into letting us get a computer of our own...:) I hope everyone is doing well...My goodness Mary the kids have grown since we've last seen them...I hope yours and Tal's jobs are going well...I know that going back to work and even starting a new position can be very frightening and stressful. The pictures by the way are ADORABLE!
Hang in there Salley...You sound as if you don't even have time to breathe...But I will say prayers for you...It won't be long until you have a job and are bored to death! :)
Well I dont know if you all know it but my mom's mom, Granny Lucy, will be having surgery on March 26th on her back...she'll stay overnight in the hospital and should come home the next day, but she wont be able to lift ANYTHING over 5 lbs. for 6 weeks...and that'll be stressful for her and Papaw both... so please keep her and all of us in your prayers.
Well I've gotta get back to work...Love and miss you all!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun at our house

Prayers are needed

Hey,I have an adorable little patient that is just a few days older than Elliot. Ethan is in a fight for his life and needs your prayers. His parents have set a up a website for him, so that you can be updated daily about his needsand have asked us to help get out the word. God has been so faithful to this little boy. He had a very slim chance at survival from day one and has thus far proven the earthly predictions wrong. It is amazing to see how God is using his story to reach people all over the area and even farther. Pass this along, and please put him on your prayer list. And his parents, Ben and Becky, too, they are a sweet couple with a lot to handle at this


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Wish We Could

We wish we could come and help wash the "Big House". We have a deacons ordination this afternoon at 2 at church. I don't think it would look too good if we came in all wet.
Unk and Jimmy Wimberly have gone fishing since Thursday. They are to be in sometime this morning. I kept reminding him he has to be back this afternoon. He said that they have caught the fish.
Paw Paw and I took Maw Maw Thursday for the 1st of her shots in her back. She will not have to go back till April 19th for the 2nd shot. Pray that these work.
Uncle Bob took Paw Paw for his checkup at the VA yesterday. Paw Paw has to go Monday and have an iron treatment. Maw Maw says that she may be able to go with him, if not I will go.
It takes about 3 hours to get this treatment.
Their lives seem to revolve around Doctors appointments.
My friend Mary Thomason and I went to Texas last week for a VBS seminar. It was really a good one. We are going to try and get others to go with us next year.
Well I have to get up from here and get ready to go to church to help set up for this afteroon.

Love to All,
Aunt Sis

Friday, March 16, 2007

Trailer Washing

As most of you know, I have a large RV that I am wanting to sell. So tomorrow afternoon, I am having a trailer washing at my house. If anyone would like to help, it would be greatly appreciated. If I can get it spruced up a little, Granddaddy will move it down to Gibb's grocery for me for better viewing. Come on over about 1:00 or 1:30 and have some fun. LOL Aunt Mellen

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Well the Hogs are going to the finals of the SEC Tourney tomorrow! So everyone ought to call those Hogs tomorrow! Hope everyone is doing good I am starting to stress over upcoming events for me! Lost Creek is hosting the March Youth Rally next week, the Youth have a fundraiser tomorrow, we will stay after tomorrow & next week with the youth to get ready for the Youth Rally, then I am helping organize a county wide youth fun night the 30th of this month, not to mention the Life of Christ Drama coming up, plus AYC, the Grant County Relay for Life, and last but not least MY COLLEGE GRADUATION!!!!! Well lets just say keep me in your prayers these next 2 months! Oh and hopefully this time I will get to see you guys Mary I have that Saturday yall are coming down off so maybe I can see you, Tal & those precious kids! Well hope everyone has a good week! It's been a long day for me worked 12p -9p so I am pooped! Well see yall later! Love Sassey

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Yes, we are still here

Sorry for no updates in a week....the weather has been so nice that we are spending a lot of time out of doors! YEAH for that. Emma is having a blast at the park. She plays with all the other kids like they were her siblings. She jumps right in like she has never met a stranger. Which is so funny, since she is so shy around adults. She doesn't need us to take her down the slide anymore, she does it herself! And you should see her cheering for the other little boys and girls when they do something. She starts clapping and saying, Yeah!!!! You did it. So adorable.

Elliot is getting bigger by the day. He smiles and talks all the time. I will try to get a video of it on the web soon. Maybe this weekend. He can almost hold his head up all the time now. He is a great baby, taking good naps and playing with his jungle gym. He definitely prefers to be involved with you. He doesn't really like to be by himself.

Tal is doing great at work. He is working so hard. He has six appointments next week. (which to me sounds great, but his goal is ten everywekk, so he has a few more to make the goal!) I am so proud of him. He made the Memphis news paper. I am going to have to scan it in for you all to see.

We are still planning on trying to come the end of the month. We will probably be in Benton most of the 30th, and then Sheridan that night and the Saturday and Sunday. So hopefully we can see everyone. Then in April or early May if nothing has happened on our house yet, we will be coming over for a long weekend to pack up the rest of the house and try to get it moved back sometime. So get your baby holding arms ready!!

Well, probably better go eat lunch, so I can make it through the night at work tonight.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

3rd Anniversary

Can you believe it 3 years yesterday. 3 years for what you ask?
Tal and Mary were married 3 years ago yesterday.

(just a day late, sorry about that)

May the Lord Bless you with many, many more years together.


Aunt Sis

Pictures of Emma and Elliot