Monday, April 30, 2007


Just wanted to make sure that you are all praying for Ethan....

I am helping with his campaign for bone marrow drives. I am fielding between 100-300 emails daily, so I have not had much spare time lately to post. Please pass on the info to anyone you know. and anyone can email me at and I can answer any questions...

also, for all military and department of defense people, if you want to host a mini-drive within your office or area or even just for people you know, the DOD will send you a kit as long as you commit to getting 10 samples. It is only a mouth swab, no blood!! here is a link

Sunday, April 29, 2007

It's Graduation Time

Hello Ewing Family! Well if you can't tell it's almost graduation time for me! One week from this Friday I FINALLY Graduate from College with a Paralegal Degree. Today Me, Aunt Carol, My Mom & Ms. Mary Elizabeth Harrington went to Little Rock to the Old Mill, The Arkansas River and to the Alley in Sheridan and took some Senior Pictures of me! Well I better get off here and work on some school stuff! Hope everyone is doing good! Love You all! Sassey

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Prayer Requested

I have two big prayer requests:

1) Traveling grace tomorrow. We are coming in two separate cars tomorrow, so that we can leave one car to be fixed. Also, so we can bring stuff back with us. I am a little nervous because it is a long way with a little tyke. Emma will do fine with her Tigger movie on board, but Elliot may not be as easy. So pray for safety and grace.

2) Our house...we have had a few bites and nibbles. We think we may have one potentially going for the hook all together! But we will see. And if that falls through we have at least one person interested in renting maybe two. So pray, pray pray!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Crazy Week

Hello Family,
Just wanted to stop by and let you guys in on my life. This week is the Life Of Christ Drama @ Lost Creek. I'm Tired!!! I was at Church ALL day today so I am pooped! Mary I am excited that you guys are gonna be at Church with us on Sunday!! You guys will get to hear me sing. PLEASE pray for me this week I am having some difficulties with my Co-Director who happends to be my best friend. So please say an extra prayer for me! Well I need to get off here I really need a shower cuz I stink (right mom? LOL) plus I need to do some school work. Well hope everyone has a good week our performances are Thursday Night @ 7pm and Friday Night @ 7pm & 8pm if anyone wants to come. See you all at Maw Maw's for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday!
Love you all!

This weekend

Well, hi to all! Sorry things have been so quiet on our end. We have been extra busy. For those who don't know, I am getting to quit my job in five weeks!!!!! I will be taking care of my grandfather starting in June. I am so excited. This will not only give me the pleasure of taking care of him everyday, but I will also be a full time mommy too!!! I cannot believe this all worked out. So my parents have purchased a house large enough for all of us and we are moving Memorial Day weekend. We have soooo much work to do to move. We have only lived in our current location for ten years, but we a lot of stuff from my parents' house and our house and my grandfather's house. It is crazy. Plus, two kiddos. So we covet all of your prayers...

Now to this weekend. We are finally coming. I was looking at the kids yesterday and felt so bad because they have both doubled in size since we were there last. I wish you got to see them more. But now with me not working, it will be a lot easier to pick up and come see everyone more often!

We will be leaving first thing on Friday. We are planning on bringing two cars so we can bring a load home and we need to leave Tal's truck to get worked on there in Sheridan. (The repair prices in Memphis seem to be more than double what they are in Sheridan.) Hopefully, if we leave early enough both kids will sack out in the car. But we will have the trusty DVD player for Emma and Tigger will be her constant companion. Elliot on the other hand, we will just pray he makes it through. He rather detests long car rides. Thankfully, we can stay until Monday, so we won't be back in the car too soon.

We plan on working at the house a little on Friday. I want to get a bit packed up. Then Saturday we have MeMe's Fish Fry. I know that we are planning on going to church with MawMaw, since we have been terribly neglective of letting her show off Emma and Elliot. Other than that I have no clue what our definite plans are. We definitely plan on seeing as much of our dear family as possible. We will be camped out at Grammy's except for during the day on Friday. And then we may have to run by the house in Benton on Monday to pack up our stuff.

So we hope to see you all! We love and miss everyone.

Mary, Tal, Emmy and Elliot

So that is the

Sunday, April 1, 2007