Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Hello everyone:

So sorry that we did not get to see everyone today at Maw and Paw's for burgers.

Jamie, I hated that you had to work today. A holiday at that!!!

Mellen I hope you made it home all right. How is your neck and shoulder? I forgot to ask Maw today.

Mary, Tal, Gracie and Elliott, I hope the move went smooth for all of you and that you can find everything you need.

Lindsey, how was everything at Children's today. Hope nothing big happened. We missed you and Reece too. Reece how is your Grandmother doing? Has she got to come home yet?

This week will be busy getting ready for VBS June 4-8. Saturday I had Clinton cutting and gluing projects. Maw and Paw are getting in the act also. Maw had laced some pictured frames for me and I gave them a bunch of stuff to glue. I found out a long time ago that projects from OTC have to be prepared ahead of time or you do not have time for all those little hands to complete them.

Just wanted to let you all know that we missed you. To the ones we got to see we really enjoyed it.

Hope to see everyone next time.

Love to all,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Their're home!!

5-17-07 10:04 pm
Maw and Paw are home. She had to get her hair done this morning. A new perm will make any girl feel better.
She will not know anything from her ct until probably next week.
She had therapy tomorrow and Paw and Rhett get to hang out together. No hatches though.
To find out about the hatches check Beth's blog.

Love to All,
Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Where or Where could they be?

Beth and I just talked and we have no ideal where the two (Maw & Paw) from the trailer are. Beth said that Maw's face is not any better and she was to have a CT scan today at about 2. Hey, Beth did not know until this morning I think, I did not know until Beth called me this afternoon. We will try to locate them and find out what is going on.

My hand is not as bad as it sounds. I may have a compresses nerve from the fall I took. I will go to a Dr. Hudson at the "family clinic" (Ortho Arkansas). I did not want to be left out. It seems that nearly everyone else in the family has been there at one point in time. We seem to all see different doctors but we suppore them.

My friends Nancy and Mary wanted me to be sick today so I could go to Dr. Sam or to the Baptist with them in Texarkana. That's really Sam's Wholesale Club or the Baptist Book Store.
I'm kind of glad I did not go because they went and were on their way home are were in Arkadelphia when they realized that they forgot what they went for. They were to pick up some yard signs for VBS at the BBS and they FORGOT!!! They had just gotten back there at about 5:30 and the store closes at 6. Pray for them!!! I guess I can't let them go anywhere else without me. HA!

Hope to see all of you soon.

Love, Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm Finally a College Graduate

Well as you all know by now I am finally a College Graduate with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Paralegeal Technology. Now the fun part is going to find a job. I did find out though Yesterday that my ultrasound results were negative! So that is good news. Mom goes monday to a surgeon on her hand. Well hope everyone has a good week! Love you all Sassey

Thursday, May 10, 2007

See ya this weekend

We are offically coming tomorrow. Sorry we won't make Sassey's graduation! Although with two little kids, I don't think it would be worth it.

We will be there tomorrow, Saturday and leaving Sunday. Stop by and say hi!


Graduation Tomorrow

Well as Mom mentioned Tues night I passed Torts with a C !! I was soooo happy to find that out! I was really worried about that one! I also found out today I passed the other class that I had to have to graduate which is Legal Writing also with a C! So as of tomorrow night I will be a college graduate! I still dont know what is going on with my gall bladder I should find out within the next day or so. Well hope everyone has a good weekend! Love you all! Sassey

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Maw and Salley

Yeah, you painted a kind of gross mental image there...but, thankfully, Maw is getting treated. I'll pray the antibiotics work quickly.

Salley, you should make sure that if you get an ultrasound that indicates gall stones, it doesn't set you up for being denied for later surgery (under "pre-existing illness"). I know it wouldn't be fun to have surgery right now, but if you're having significant issues, it's better to do it now while you're under insurance. BUT I'm going to pray that they don't find any gallstones and this is just a moot point.

Glad you passed Torts!!!! I, personally, loved Torts...environmental law is kind of based in tort actions. For those of you who are scratching your heads, here's a not-so-friendly and short-sighted explanation of tort law. Basically, personal injury lawyers are tort lawyers. That makes torts sound negative but, even though that's the basic truth, torts are not something that should be viewed as negative. Torts are generally those injuries you can sue for that aren't covered by some legislation or regulation. (Or, like assault, battery and larceny, injuries you can get damages for after the loser gets out of jail). Now, family law....that's the subject I hated!!

And, finally, Jim Edmonds gets some hits!! Cards beat the Rockies, 4-1 (Tuesday night)!!!!! Our boys are struggling this year, so it's really nice to get a win!



Good news! MawMaw went to an ENT today and it is the gland in her mouth that is stopped up(that's the easy way to explain it). She is on 2 kinds of antiobotics and if that does not help the Doctor told her she would have to go in the hospital to have an IV antiobotic. Let's pray these 2 work. He did a lot of mashing on her jaw and cheek to see if he could break it loose but could not. I have had this to happen to me (but not as bad) and when it breaks loose you know it. Yuk!!!

Salley is going for an ultrasound for her galbladder to morrow. Her insurance runs out the last of this month so we are trying to get it checked before then. Pray that she does not have to have anything done right now.

She called a little while ago and she got her grades. SHE PASSED!!!!!!!!!! Yes she was a little worried about one class "Torts" but she passed!!

Way to go Salley!!!!

Got to go for now, Unk has supper ready and I am hungry.

Love To All,

Aunt Sis

Sunday, May 6, 2007


Well it's Graduation week! I hope & Pray that our family has a accident free week of my Graduation! I think the devil was trying to work on us last week it was a stress ful week for me with Mom falling, Uncle Bob in the Hospital & Finals week. This week my agenda is work & getting ready for Graduation on Friday. Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my last 4 1/2 years of college! We were talking the other day that our family just likes college. It took Jamie & Lindsey a while to Graduate and Uncle Pat didn't go back til he was an adult. Well I hope everyone has a great week! Love you all! Sassey

And let me add a few to that long list....

Well, after getting the more than enough excitement for a few years phone call about Uncle Bob on Tuesday night, I was summoned to the phone on Friday night only to find out that my father was in a wreck that totaled his car. Apparently a young girl turned in front of my father and did not see him, causing him to swerve into a brick wall. He escaped with only a second degree burn to his left arm from the air bag, but his car was inhilated. We are just so thankful that he is okay. It could have been much, much worse.

Then on Saturday, my mother missed a step and fell out the door while moving things out of the house to storage. She sprained her ankle royally and is now in a brace and has orders to stay off of it until the swelling has totally subsided. Which it is a good thing that Friday was my last day at work for awhile, because I don't know what we would have done. She is having a hard time following the doctor's orders, but I am being a mean old nurse! (I only thought I was going to get a break. I have a second degree burn and a sprained ankle to nurse.)

And for the worst news of the day, or at least I think so, I go on Tuesday for my first ever root canal. YUCK. And my little brother is doing it. So please, please pray for me!!! I scrambled to find a baby sitter. Fortunately, a girl that was a few years younger than me is in town for her sister's graduation from high school and did not have plans yet. She was more than happy to come over and play with my kiddos!!!

So I have novel idea, why don't we try for not so much excitement next week. Really, who was praying for patience or trust or whatever??? Because I think your prayer effected the entire family.

Hope and pray that everyone's ailments are on the mend!

Mary, Tal, Emmy, and Bubby

Ps. Uncle Bob we are sooooo thankful it was just your gall bladder. We were sorry we could not be at the hospital with you, but we were praying!!

What a Week!!

What a week this has been. Last Sunday Aunt Carol, Salley, Mary Elizabeth (a friend of Carol's) and myself went to the Old Mill in North Little Rock, so Aunt Carol could take some pictures of Salley. Everything was find until we got there. We were going down some stone steps and grace fell down. Not it was not Salley (who was always falling when she was little) but me. Somehow I managed to hang onto the rail with my right hand, when my left ankle turned and I completely twisted and scraped my left leg down at least 2 steps. It was sore and now it is black and blue from my knew down to my ankle. It is better just looks ugggglllly!!

Then Uncle Robert decided he wanted a helicopter ride. Praise the Lord that it was galbladder and not his heart. I truly believe that with all the prayers that went up for him that the Lord blessed him with galbladder trouble. There were at least 50 - 75 people at the hospital Tuesday night asking the Lord the be with Robert. Another praise is that he was able to have it the New way and not the Old way that some of us have had. Let's see Maw Maw, Uncle Max, I think Aunt Leta, Myself, Jamie, Beth and now Robert are all missing a galbladder. Look out the rest of you. Salley is going Tuesday to talk to our doctor because I believe she has had some attacks. Bless Aunt Carol she got food poison Thursday before Uncle Robert went to surgery and she could not go down to the holding room with him. Friday she was better, but Thursday she was sick. Lindsey said that she had never known of her mother to throw up and Carol said that she had not in the last 30 years (by the way they will have their 30th anniversary in June)

Wednesday I went to the eye doctor, who I have never seen before because my regular doctor is only in 2 days a week and it would have been July and I need contacts now. The first thing that he wanted to do is get blood work done to see if my thyroid is ok, and then a CT Scan on my eyesockets to make sure there is no damage from my thyroid. It is because of my BIG eyes. I told him that every doctor that first sees me wants a thyroid test and that they have always some back better than good. But there is gorders(?) in the Salley Family. Thursday I went for those test. Friday the doctor called and said that everything was normal (I could have told him that). Praise the Lord.

Monday MawMaw's left side of her face started hurting. By Tuesday night at the hospital with Robert, it had started to swell and I mean swell. It was hurting worse. Wednesday she went to Dr. Swilling her dentist and it may be her wisdom tooth so she will go to an oral surgeon May 15 if she can last that long. It has started hurting so much she can only eat soft food and as long as she is on a paid killer it is better. She told me yesterday that she could see her cheek it was so swelled. Take a look, can you look down and see yours? She is either going to her doctor, call Dr. Swilling or I told her to go to the emergency with it tomorrow. She can wait until May 15 another week away. So she needs our prayers. Also PawPaw needs our prayers.

Let's pray that this will will be calm for all of us.

Sorry this is so long.

Love to All, Aunt Sis.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

That sounds great, but....

I will be out of town this weekend. I will in be in Eureka Springs for a law conference until Sunday. :o(

I was bummed when I heard you all would be in town this weekend. I definitely wanted to see you all and, believe it or not, help make up for all of those moving days that I owe to Tal.

Pray for my travel (and for my co-workers) over the weekend, as it may be raining. We're all going up on Thursday and will be coming back at various times during the weekend. I'm taking on a leadership role in this environmetnal law group, so I'm staying through the whole conference.

Subject for your blog

Jamie you can write about how you babysit your neice and nephew all weekend so your poor brother and sister-in-law can move everything out of their house!!!! We have renters. YEAH.

We will be there on Saturday and hopefully have it packed up on Sunday. So anyone who wants to come over Saturday, please come one come all. We will be there by 9am.

And, if you have boxes and cannot make, drop them off at Grammy's house by Friday. We need lots I think!

But there will be two adorable kiddos to play with all day Saturday if you would like to play!! And plenty of boxes to pack up!


Bloggers Abound!

Teehee...I'm letting loose the secret of Beth's new blog. Okay, actually, I saw the link on Mary's blog. But I'm the first to comment on it on this site...again, Mary and Salley both beat me on Beth's site. Was that confusing? If not, I'm not trying hard enough...I am a lawyer, after all.

Anyway, check out Congratulations!! I'm looking forward to "seeing" ya'll more often.

I tried to start a blog but I didn't let anyone know because, as I predicted, it was pretty durn boring. I, unfortunately, am not one of those single girls with lots of exciting stories to share. Here's my day: Drag self out of bed; fight traffic; go to work; come home to a Cardinals game on the radio; go to bed. Yep, that plays itself out in about two days.... ;o)

But I'll try to be better about putting the exciting things up on this blog. I hope you are all doing well!

Congrats on the graduation, Salley!!