Tuesday, July 31, 2007

60 years

Wow, can you believe it Maw and Paw will be married 60 years on September 12, 2007!!!
I have talked to Maw and she does not want a party, just family (us). She just wants everyone to come to their house and eat. She wants steak! Don't know what Paw wants.
She and I have thought about the 1st weekend in September because it is a long weekend (Labor Day will be that Monday). If not that weekend how about the next? I think that Mellen, Memee and Granddaddy are leaving the next weekend for their trip.
Who can grill good steaks? At least one for Maw and one for Paw if he wants one too.
Let me know which weekend will be better for you.

PS Maw's birthday will be on September 14, 2007, she will be.........................................................
What! Me!! tell you how old she will be no way!!!!! Welllllll, she was only about 26 when I was born. Now can you gues how old I am????????????????????????????????????????

We really enjoied Saturday. Love the pictures Mary and Carol they are great!!!!

Love to all,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)