Saturday, October 27, 2007

Comic relief

Okay, I vote that Aunt Sis is the official family recorder because she is so good at it and I am always splitting my sides after reading her witty comments. We always love hearing the news.

So PawPaw, I have a van that needs new break shoes on it, do you think I could do it? You'll have to teach me.

Emma and Elliot are ready to come back for a visit. We are excited that we will get to come for a day or two around Thanksgiving. It will be fun. And as always, a much needed break. Things are going good here but you don't realize how hard it is to take care of another human being until you do it. God has taught us all loads of lessons in patience, love, and grace.

I am going to try to get pictures up today! Stay tuned.....

PS>>>>Bubby can stand up now and is trying to walk. Emma, well, is Emma.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hey!!! Wait!!! 54!!!!

Hey!!!! Wait !!!! 54 !!!! I don't think so!!!!!. O.K. I am a year older and a little slower so it took me a while to realize that I am only 53!!!! So just to set the record straight (because if I was 54 that means all of your are also a year older :) :)!!!

What does an 81 year old man, who uses a walker, do on a Monday morning??????
Why, he put new break shoes on the van!!!! Yes, that's right because yesterday I called MawMaw to tell her something and PawPaw was outside puttng new break shoes on the van.

What was she doing??? Getting ready for deer camp!!!! They will be moving the camper down to camp soon. So we will go this next week sometime and start loading the camper (like they have not already started). It is only about 2 more weeks to deer season.

Well I guess I had better go for now. We had a big court day today. We went from about 1:30 to almost 5. Most Tuesdays we are out by 3:30. I had to come home and make brownies for Jody my co-worker because tomorrow she will be another year older. I was talking to Norman Frisby after court and he had been to the office. He said he did not ask her age so I told him "She is younger than me but older than you." We all have a good time together and work well together. Well so long for now.

In God we trust,

Aunt Sis ( Vickie )

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Birthday for Emma Grace and James Elliot

We will be having a birthday party for Emma Grace and James Elliot on Saturday, December 22nd. Everyone is welcome. I am still working the details out. But just wanted to give you all a heads up. Emma will be a three and Elliot will be one!!!

Happy belated birthday, Aunt Sis!

Sorry, I am starting to get all the dates down, but being one of the newer members of the family, I am still working on it! So happy belated birthday, hope that it was wonderful!

We miss all of y'all over there in Sheridan. It was hard to say goodbye to Grammy this weekend. We all wanted to jump in the car with her. We are really looking forward to Thanksgiving. (we should be there either Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday!) And then we are really excited about a long Christmas break. We will be there for five days!!!! YEAHHHHHH.

Well, I am off. I am in the middle of a 26 hour shift taking care of my grandfather. I am in the last six hours. It is a lot with both kids and him. So I need to go get my attention on them!



Congratulations PawPaw!!!
Hey everyone did you know that PawPaw graduated last Friday. He got a diploma !! He did not have to wear a cap and gown, or stand in a long line in the sun or rain as some of us did. But, Yes!! His last treatment number 42 is over. He goes back to Dr. Claybrook on November 27.

I asked MawMaw yesterday if they felt like they are on vacation. She said yes, and that they did not know what to do will all the time they now have. I told her to rest.

I want Rhett to know that I got balloons and flowers and some more gifts for my birthday. Unk is going to take me out to eat Saturday and I will have some cake and celebrate my birthday then.

Well I got to go for now, and get ready to walk. Saturday if the Race for the Cure in Little
Rock. I can now do 1.5 miles in about 39 minutes, so Saturday it should take me, oh let me see a long, long time to finish the 5K, but I will do it!!!

Love to all, and may the Lord Bless you,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Monday, October 15, 2007


Just thought I would be the first person to wish my Mom a HAPPY 54TH BIRTHDAY! I am very thankful to have a Mom like you! I LOVE YOU!