Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Curley Bubba and Bubby

Hope your birthdays have been good. I can't believe that 24 years ago during the ice and snow that a little girl was born and who now is a grown woman and wife. And look 23 years later a little boy was born, who now has already learned to torment his big sister (hang in there Emma)
Love and kisses to each of you.

Love to all,

Aunt Sis ( Vickie) and Unk (Clinton)

Happy Birthday

Here's to the birthday girl and boy!

Hope your days are great! (Bubby's is going good so far. He is already taking his first nap....and has played with his powertools, sorted laundry, had oranges...all his favorite things!)

Hope your day is even better Lindsay..

Mary and Tal and Emma Grace


Guess I better go to the dollar store and find a necklace and maybe stop by wal mart for some liverloaf (that's her favorite).

With all her gray hair I thought she was at least in her mid 30s.

Happy Birthdays!!

Happy Birthday to Bubby and Lindsey! See, Bubby, Lindsey has made it 24 years in this family and she's perfectly sane. What? She's crazy like the rest of us. Huh. Who would've guessed?? ;o)

Seriously, I'm feeling fairly old today...but I'm wishing Lindsey a great birthday anyway!

Love ya!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I just wanted to wish Lindsey & Bubby a Happy Birthday a few hours early! Lindsey will be 24 & Bubby will be 1! Hope everyone has a good week and I'll see ya'll on saturday! Love Salley aka Sassey

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

M & M's

SHHHHHHHHH!! This is a secret!! Maw Maw wants us all to get packages of M & M's for PawPaw for Christmas. There is a package she finds at Wal-Mart or Freds that has about 10 small packages of M & M's and they only cost about $1.00. He says that that is just the right amount to eat. Knowing him if he has the bigger packages he will eat until the whole package is gone (I'm the same way). So let's surprise him will lots of M & M's.
Do you remember the Christmas that Aunt Carol asked for socks??? Boy did she get the socks, and it was so much fun.
So remember M & M's for PawPaw and watch out for the feathers.!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Oh let me tell you a funny thing that happened yesterday. After the funeral services for Uncle Trunnie, I drove Maw and Paw's van with her and Paw went with Unk in our truck. I did not have my key for their van so Paw gave me his keys.
After the graveside services were over they decided to go on home. Paw went with Unk and Maw went with me. Well she decided that she needed some meat for soup. So I call Unk and let him know we are going by Brookshires in Malvern and would be there in a little while. We went to the store and I got the meat and something to drink and we were on our way.
We had almost gotten to the dump truck (there is a house that has a dump truck in the yard usually and Maw and Paw always say that when they see it that they are almost home), and Maw was telling me something when I gasped, and then started to giggle (not at what she was saying). She wanted to know what was wrong. I asked if they had a spare key to the house hidden somewhere, no they don't. Then I giggled again and jiggled the keys in the igination and said well they can't get in because I have PawPaw keys!!!!
Well we pull in and pass Unk's truck but did not see them. I parked the van and went up the back steps and could tell that the lights were out. about that time she yelled 'Come Here, Come Here and look" Yes you got it right there they were in Unk's truck fast asleep!!!!!! It took three horn honking to get them up!!!!!!!!!!! Boy the look on their face was priceless. Unk tried to honk his horn on the truck and could not find it. It was so funny.

Love to All,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Emma Grace Ewing!!! Three years old, WOW!!!
I have a sticky note on my computer here at home that reads:
6 lb 6 oz
19 3/4 long
Emma Grace
That note has been there for 3 years now!!!
I hope your 3rd Birthday was a good one. Sorry this is late.
We love you and can't wait to see all of you Saturday.


Aunt Sis(Vickie) , Unk (Clinton) and Salley

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday EMMY!!!

The sweetest little girl in Piperton, TN, turns THREE years old today!! Your Aunt Jamie loves you and hopes you have a wonderful birthday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Paw Paw's brother, Truman (Uncle Trunnie) is in the hospital and his kidney's have started to shut down. Paw and Maw went to Malvern today. Don't know how much longer he has so we all need to remember Uncle Trunnie and Aunt CoraLee alond with Paw and Maw in our prayers tonight and the days to come.

Love to all,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

And the envelope please!!!!!

Saturday after Mellen and her men (Grandaddy, Paw Paw and Uncle Max) got back from Mt. Ida, Paw Paw got their mail. After he opened a letter he gave us the results.
His PSA is down to 1.4? (can't remember the exact number, but do remember the 1.?) and his creitins(?) are within normal range!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Way to go PawPaw!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you there was shouting going on in that house. People passing might of thought we were having an old time revival!!!!!!

Uncle Max and Aunt Charlie went home yesterday. Aunt Charlie has helped MawMaw put up her Christmas Trees, and boy are they pretty. MawMaw got Mellen's old big, big tree up in the living room with all the old ornaments on it. In her computer/sewing room she has a small tree up with nothing on it but red. Which by the way is MawMaw's favorite color. And she still wants to put one up in her bedroom.

Unk and I got the front porch lights up, and MawMaw said that Rhett want some on the back porch now. Maybe we won't overload the circuit this time. Well that's another story for another time.

May each of you have a good day today. We are still remembering Rick and Trish's families in our prayers as well as their friends.

God Bless you all,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)
6:34 am