Thursday, January 24, 2008


I Just talked to mom and maw has had her arteriergram and there are NO HEART PROBLEMS!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!! They are going to talk to a GI Dr.! I will post more when I know more.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The morning of the Squirrel

So you might be wondering about my title. Well Mom stayed last night at Maw's so she don't know about this yet lol. About 1 this morning i felt something crawl up my arm I didn't know what it was well every 30 minutes till about 4am I kept feeling something either crawl on my arm or across my foot. BTW I could hear it in my room as well. Well about 4am I have a SQUIRREL jump on me!!! I squeal I am suprised Dad didn't hear me. Well I wake him up and tell him I think I have a flying squirrel in my room. So he gets up and goes in there well he shuts my door guess what dad does??? Did you guess???? Well he LOCKED my door! By this time i've done set up shop on the couch lol. Well I hear him in the living room well he ends up on the back porch then the thing runs to the bathroom where the mighty squirrel catcher catched it. He put the poor squirrel out of its missery. So I have been up since 4am lol. Well I better go eat something and get ready for work. I hope everyone has a great day! Love you all! Salley aka Sassey

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

PawPaw's Doctor visit

1-15-08 7:26 pm

Ok now for the latest in the saga of PawPaw health.

You know when you go with Paw or Maw to the doctor and get to set in with them, they have to tell a lot of things that they normally would not tell you.

Paw has has shortness of breath over the weekend, got worse yesterday. went to Dr. Paulk and he did x-ray which looked like last weeks. Got worse when he took the garbage out and took some king of Christmas decoration down from the porch. He had no problem when laying down.
Some shortness today, was on an antibiotic for 5 days. His temp was up until Sunday night, would be near normal in morning and then come up, would take Tylenol and it would come down.

December 18, 07 Dr. Henry wrote ( this is what the nurse practicitoner told us) that he had sever aortic stenosis, left vent.
with minimal symptoms and other medical problems no value replacement at this time.

Paw takes 20 mg of lasex(?) a day with an extra 20 mg on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.

His cough is kind of a new problem, voice is week. The nurse asked if he takes a cough drop to help and he answered no. (we did not mention all the peppermints he eats, may need to call and let her know about that)

Nurse said the 1st step is to raise the lasex and get rid of the fluid.

Nurse also said the Dr. Henry may recommend that Paw get a Surgery Consult about replacing the value. There maybe other techinechs that could be used. Dr. Henry's report said that after the arterial gram that Paw had Moderate Aortic Stenosis, and that after a different test in December he now had Sever Aortic Stenosis.

So for now he is to take 40 mg of lasex a day and 20 mg of potassium a day with extra on M< W F.

Dr. Henry was at a deposition today so we could not see him. But after she checks with him they will let Paw know if he needs a Surgery Consult.

He had lab work done today because she wanted to check his thyroid.

She also said that Dr. Hendy may decide to have a baseline test of his heart for strain or he may want another arterial gram or go ahead with the surgery c consult or just see about the lasex. But if they can treat with medical will do that before surgery. As for now he had no chest paid just tightness which could be extra fluid.

He weight 170 in December, 166 yesterday and 165 today(Lasex!!!!!!!!!)

His bp was 122/70 / pulse 68 and EKG looked good.

He is to weight daily and if gains 3 pounds in a 1 or day period he is to take in the afternoon an extra 40 lasex and 20 mg of potassium.

She listened to the lungs and said that was a wheeze in the right bottom lung, and the value was squeaky with is normal with narrow value.

He is to go to Dr. Paul in 2 weeks to have lab test on kidney function.

I asked her was there any restrictions for him. She said no heavy lifting. Maw and I kind of chuckled. The nurse asked what had he been doing and Maw said lifting 50 lbs of birdseed, Paw shot back no it is only 20 lbs. I thought we were going to have to pick up the nurse from the floor. She said no more than 20 lbs and 20 lbs is pushing it and to try not to do things that would put extra strain on his heart. Maw said like wood cutting. The nurse said when was the last time you did that. Paw said a while back, Maw deer season, Nurse what 2 months ago, Paw sheepishly yes.

His next appointment with Dr. Henry is 2-12-08 at 11:30 am.

They sent him for lab work and the paper said:
Fluid Retention

Then lab work to be done was
Basic Metabolic
CBC with Diff

For those of us who are medical terminology deprived I asked my friend Mary about these
basically the BNP is to check heart and the THS is thyroid, CBC is blood and platelets and things,, can't remember about the Basic Metabolic.

So that is were we are at this point.

Maw Maw is still to have her procedure Thursday.

We were tried after going to Catherine's (ladies store), Red Lobster, Oreck Store for vac bags, Sam's, and then Fred and Jack Trailer Sales and then finally home. We got them home before dark.
Oh, my, word, I just remembered I was to call MawMaw when I got home about 2 hours ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well I guess I had better call her and let her know I'm home or she will be calling me!!!!!
Well love to all and I will try to keep you in touch with the life of Dub and Dorothy.

Sorry this was so long just wanted to let everyone know.

Love to All,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on the Update

1-14-08 - 5:51 am

PawPaw and MawMaw are doing better. PawPaw did not run a fever Sunday, and maybe a little Saturday. But he is doing better.

MawMaw is not coughing as much and sounds a lot better.

They are both on the mend, so to speak.

MawMaw has to go today to have blood drawn, because she is to have a disocramy(?) Thursday. This is a presedure on her back to deturmine where disk her pain is coming from.

I pray that everyone else is doing OK. Beth and Bryce were sick Saturday.

Oh yeah, Saturday Maw and Paw had vistors. My cousin Donnie and his wife JoJo Wise came down. Donnie is Aunt Billie's (MawMaw's sister) son. JoJo is from the Phillipians and is just as sweet as she can be. They have 3 sons who are all in the military. Donnie retired out of the Airforce and then went to Afghanistan to work as a private contractor. He just returned in October. I did not know that they were there when I headed down to Maw and Paw's. We had a very good visit. Maw cooked us supper (you know Whippett). JoJo knows the owner there so she and I went to pick it up. The owner was not there, so I think JoJo was a little disappointed.
Boy the food was good. Thank's Donnie by way of JoJo.

Well I hope everyone has a good week this week.
May the Lord Bless and Keep You.

Love to all,

Aunt Sis(Vickie)

Monday, January 7, 2008


1-7-08 / 10:03 pm

PawPaw went to Dr. Paulk this morning. They x-rayed his sinuses and he has a sinus infection. He was running a slight fever. He got an antibiotic to take once a day.

MawMaw may not be coughing as much but she is not resting as good as she should. She still does not feel good. She only takes her antibiotic once a day so tonight she had her second dose.

Keep them in your prayers.

Love to all,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

What A Day!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008
This was the day for PawPaw's Christmas when all his family get together. Well about 7:30 this morning MawMaw called and said "I hate to tell you this but we are not going to make it today" They are both sick. PawPaw was running a 101 temp yesterday and only had 99.8 this morning. MawMaw is coughing and her chest is hurting (what she did not tell me is that last night Beth went over there and MawMaw could not take a good deep breath). So they thought that it was better if they stayed home. As long as we have been doing this (about 20 years) this is the first time that either one of them has ever missed.
Maw already had her stuff together and said to call them and Paw would meet me at the rec center and bring her stuff.
Well let me tell you Salley, Clinton and I got in HIGH gear and got our stuff together and headed to town. Paw met us there and I would not let him get out of the van (the wind was blowing real hard). We got his stuff out and sent him back home. That is the first time that I can remember that he has worn his house slippers to town.
Salley, Clinton and I got every thing set up and Clinton then went to church. Salley and I even got to complete a whole game of tic before people started coming in.
Mellen came and we sent her home because she was sick and as you know Grandaddy's birthday party was today. We sent her home to rest before she had to go help with that. We did get her picture holding a picture of Tal, Mary, Emma and Elliot.
We ended up having about 32 people today.
Well Beth and Lindsey went to check on MawMaw. Carol called and said that she had to put Bob on the phone with Maw to get her to go to the emergency room. Beth and Lindsey got her a bag packed and helped get her dressed while PawPaw washed the dishes. I finished up (well not really), by letting everyone else finish cleaning and I took Unk's truck (stick shift that I only drive about twice a year, did you know that it had three peddles and not two?) and I blew out the pipes for him trying to get there. We wanted Paw to stay home but NOOOO not him, not when his Baby was going to the hospital, he was going too. So I jumped in the vehicle with Carol driving, Maw in front, Paw and Me in the middle seats and Uncle Bob in the back, and off the Benton we went.
Got her on the list to check in and in a little bit she was called. I went with her. They were asking her questions on how she felt and she would answer and then give me a sideways glance like "You did not hear me say that" I told the nurse "She is telling you things that she does not want me to hear"
Got her in an examining room and the doctor came in asking questions. Maw told her "I get a little dizzy when I have to cough real hard" The doctor left the room and she said "You did not hear that" That is because she has not told PawPaw!!!!!! I told her she needed to tell him.
Well after a chest x-ray the doctor said she needed some strong cough med and an antibiotic and she could go home. That was what she wanted to hear, because she just wanted to sit in her chair.
After stopping to get her meds at Walgreens where the girl in the drive thru finally said to Carol "You work at the courthouse don't you" Carol said " Yes but not here at Sheridan" It turned out that the girl is the daughter of Steve and Becky Crook. Becky and I spent a lot of time at each others homes growing up. Small world, just as Maw always said that be careful what you do because someone is watching you.
We got them home and settled in. I feed them. She took a dose of cough med. I ashed her if they had another walker and she started to ague with me and I told her because of the hydrcodne(?) she need to use the walker. Shock, Shock she agreed to let me get the walker.
PawPaw asked her why did she obey the kids and not him. I said that there are more of us that there is of him. Paw is to call the doctor tomorrow and try to get an appointment for hisself. His per nurse Lindsey may just be sinus.
I sure appreciated Beth and Lindsey today for looking after the Old Folks. Thanks girls!
I hope Mary that you are feeling better, also Emma , Eillot and Tal.
Maybe this was not too long. Just wanted yout to know what was going on.

Love to all of you,

Aunt Sis (Vickie)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday





Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

May the Lord Bless each one of you this next year.
We went to MawMaw and PawPaw's Tuesday to eat (only one more eating to go!!!)
After lunch Unk (or Uncle as Bryce and Rhett calls him) went outside to take down the lighted star tree. I went to help along with Bryce and Rhett. Those boys were a big help. They liked to climb the ladder. It was at least an 8 foot ladder and Bryce went to the 3rd step from the top, Rhett went to the 4th step from the top, fearless boys they are.
Unk showed them how to kick the wooden stakes in the ground to loosen them up so they could pull them up. Rhett had his first one up in no time. Then Bryce got his up. Rhett found the hole from one that Bryce pulled up and found it very interesting. He kept putting his hand in it.
They help Unk carry the star (which is attached to a long pole) to the shed. Unk had the star end, then Bryce had the middle of the pole, and Rhett had the end. I had been wrapping the lights around a stick and was following them when Rhett turned to me and wanted me to grab the end so that I could be with them. So sweet of him. I told him that I was carring the lights.
He has such a sweet grin.
Oh, Oh, I forgot to tell you that Bryce got to go for his first sleepover!!!! He went to the Harrington boys (they are twins) Each twin got to pick a friend, 4 boys in one home to spend the night!!! He was so excited. Now the fun begins for Beth and Ron, just think of the sleepovers at their house that they will now have in the future. What fun.
Well I guess I had better go for now. Oh, no, I forgot the reason that I was writting!!!
MawMaw has (and PawPaw, but you know who gets it) a new RED cell phone. I won't give the number here but you can call them and get it. Now they had two cell phones, a his and hers.
Got to get ready for work,

Love to All

Aunt Sis(Vickie)

P.S. PawPaw's birthday is tomorrow 1-4-08 he will be 82!!!!