Monday, April 28, 2008

Thank You!!!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone this weekend that helped out with our big adventure.....

Grammy- you are the BEST. Thanks for all the hard work with the kids, knowing you were there made it easier to leave.
Aunt Jamie- No, cannot call you Jamie anymore I guess....Thanks for helping. We loved seeing you
Aunt Vicki- Can you bottle what you used to wear out my child? Thank you so much for helping out and playing with the kids. Emma and Elliot adore you.
"Aunt" Salley- Thanks for taking time out of your busy weekend to play with the kids. You are the best. Thanks for being willing to do it at last minute!
MawMaw and PawPaw- thanks for visiting with the kiddos!
MeMe and Granddaddy thanks for playing and fixing lunch....

For those faithful enough to read this far...
on or around Jan 10th
the Ewing family will be welcoming

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pray for my baby~

Emma got a burn on her hand tonight. She was playing with my dad, who was also ironing his shirt for tomorrow. The iron toppled and landed on the three middle fingers on her right hand. She has a deep second degree burn, almost a third degree burn on one part. Keep her in prayer. She is being a very brave little girl. She barely even cried at all. She was soo big. She just kept saying, God, I need you to help me. Later tonight before she finally fell asleep I asked her if it felt any better and she said, "A little better, not a lot better"

She and Bubby had a great time tonight meeting a Senagalian (spelling) but born in France little girl. She was 22 months and spoke no English. They had a blast and Bubby got his first kiss. She laid one on him and he did not object. He was so funny. Emma said, "Mom, that pretty girl talks alot but she doesn't know how to make sense yet." Emon spoke only French. IT was so fun watching them interact. I will post pictures soon.

PRAYER ALERT****** we have a potential renter that will be looking at the house tomorrow night. They are in dire need of moving into a house ASAP. So we are going to show them the house as soon as we are in town. If they like it, we will sign a lease and let them move in. Maybe it is an answer to all our prayers. Please be praying for that

Also, we will be painting, so pray for safety and efficiency of our hands. Grammy will be keeping both kids, so pray for her strength!

Love you all!
Mary, TAl, Emma and Elliot

Friday, April 18, 2008

Calling all Painters

Hey, everyone! I hope that this finds you in good health.

Tal and I are going to be in Benton next Saturday and Sunday to show our house. We are in desparate need of help painting on Saturday if anyone is available. We will feed you! We have two rooms and hallway to paint for sure and we want to clean out our hot tub. Sooooo if anyone wants to, we will be getting into Sheridan friday and you can just let us know. We will be staying at Grammy's house Friday and Saturday and Sunday nights.

Everything is going well over here. Emma and Elliot are growing like weeds. I have been working on unpacking alot of boxes that we haven't really needed this past year to get rid of junk. I am also working on my sewing skills and knitting. I have sold one piece of knitting and made around $55 for it.

Elliot is talking now. I couldn't even begin to list all of his words. Sometimes it takes a mom to interept, but it is sooooooo cute. He is also getting quite proficient in sign language. He knows about twenty signs. That helps out a lot figuring out what he wants. He is an outdoors kind of guy. Today he was running in the rain and came back with two handfuls of worms. YUCK.

Emma is such a big girl. She is finally potty trained. The other night I was getting her night time pull up out and she told me no more of them please, because if she was going on the carriage ride she really needed to sleep with big girl panties on as well. So adorable!

So that is our news for now. Please keep praying for renters/buyers. Also, we hope that if we don't get to see you all painting, that we get to see you as we are in town. (Lindsey, you are not allowed or invited to paint. We love you, but we don't want to make you or the baby sick.)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Random post

The blog's been quiet for a few days, so I felt the need to grace it with my ramblings. A big thank you to Uncle Clinton, Aunt Vickie, and Salley for the help with the move. Don't worry, if you feel left out, I still have things in storage in Sheridan that need to be moved to North Little Rock.

By the way, I've now passed on the secret Ewing password to Emma...the same one my Momma taught me at a young age. I'm happy to be a great role model to the young ones. ;o)

Now, back to the ballgame. Come on you Redbirds, let's get some tallies! (--Mike Shannon).