Monday, October 20, 2008


7:10 p.m.

Ok we spent all day going from the doctor's office at 8 am to the hospital at 9:45 am (to only learn that we were at the wrong place) to going to outpatient surgery about 10:30 am. Surgery was suppose to be at 10:15 am (opps, another Dub and Dorothy adventure). Well about 1:20-25 pm they finally took MawMaw to remove the bone in her second toe on her left foot. About 2 pm they fimally came and got Paw and me and we were able to take her home. But wait not before we went to KFC on 28th Street, Pine Bluff!!!. Hey it was suprisingly good. Of course we sat in the van to eat. She had a right pretty shoe to were until sometime next week. Oh yeah, she was awake thru the whole thing and talked to them and watched them for a while. Mind you this is the doctor that she made his diapers for before he was born. She is more sore from lying on the bed for so long than from the surgery. She goes back next week for a checkup and then to have the stitches taken out.

Jamie, I think you will one day be a GREAT AUNT just like me (on kidding, you are a GREAT AUNT now)

Rhett, per Beth may go back to school tomorrow. Bryce is not just waiting for his chicken pox to show up. May be sometime next week.

Well there we go again with the Chicken's. I wonder who will get the Chicken at Thankmas (for those who don't know that is Thanksgiving and Christmas together)

Got to go for now.

Love to All

Aung(great) Sis (Vickie)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Late Birthday to Aunt Vickie!!

Hey Aunt Sis, I hope you had a good one...from, you know, Emma's "plain" aunt. ;o)

Well, everybody, I'm finally back on the Internet. When I moved, I disconnected the DSL because I thought I was getting cable TV and internet. Well, I had a serious soul-searching and decided I didn't need cable and I was going to try to do without the Internet as well. But that didn't work so well.....

So, I can get by on my Netflix and I've even made really good friends with my local librarians (sorry, Maw and Paw, not many books to share from my end anymore) BUT I'm lost without my Internet at home. ;o)

Now, to catch up on my blog reading......